Margo Dixon

Michael Neville goes beyond the "call of duty" for a seller.


He found me when I did not know I needed a realtor, gently guided me toward clarification of my amorphous goals, led me to state my needs for relocating, and even helped me empty my house after the sale.


To say that Michael Neville is a "full service" realtor is to understate.  Michael is a fine, well rounded human being who is tuned in to other human beings, their needs, and the variety of ways there are to meet human needs, not only for shelter, but for self expression, self fulfillment, and self knowledge. Allow him into your home and share your ideas about what your next steps might be. He's the man to see your dream through!  


Margo Dixon

Mark Wyche

Michael is simply the best in the business. He is a true Real Estate expert. Michael, as my representative, demonstrated the highest level of competence, frequent communication, and outside the box thinking in his efforts on my behalf.

Michael is a very high caliber, results and accountability-driven professional. I could not have asked for better during my relationship with him. I very much appreciated his candor and consider him a trusted adviser.

I will certainly recommend Michael to anyone in the Atlanta area who has a Real Estate need.

His top qualities are: Great Results, Personable, and being an Expert!

Michael C.

Michael Neville has done a fantastic job finding a home for my family and me.  He has gone “beyond Z” on each and every occasion.  From taking me on perfectly mapped-out trips to view multiple homes every weekend until we finally closed on one, to dropping by even afterwards to provide us with the small affects that help where it really counts.  He even created an elaborate list of affordable contractors to assist us with any optional or required home maintenance. 


Mr. Neville, Mike as I have come to know him, has been an invaluable asset in finding our perfect home, and his kindness and genuine concern for my family’s satisfaction has significantly contributed in making our huge transition from house to home.  Honestly, if didn’t know any better, I would have been assured that we were the absolute only family with whom Mike had been working.  That’s just how great his service is.  My family and I are extremely appreciative of the unequivocal level of attention we have been shown, and the beautiful home that resulted.  


Most humbly,



Michael L. Champion  

A more than satisfied client

Natalie D.

Mike always went above and beyond the call of duty for me.  Anytime I called and asked a question he either knew the answer or knew where to find it.  As a first time home buyer this type of dedication was invaluable.  I would recommend him to anyone in the market for a home because he will work hard for you, always keeping your concerns and best interest in mind. 


Natalie Davis, Emory Law ‘07

Jeff & Robin

Michael assisted us in selling our home, where he listed and placed it under contract in only 10 Days and sold at full list price & no closing costs, after having tried to sell it For Sale By Owner for the better part of last year! He also helped us find our next home and handled everything from negotiations to closing with great professionalism.


Michael’s suggestions, no-nonsense approach, attention to detail, extensive knowledge, honesty, commitment, follow through and caring attitude made the entire process very easy for us.  Additionally, we can say the process was short and stress free!

If you are looking for assistance with buying a new home or selling your existing one, we would strongly recommend using Michael Neville.

Dr. S. Berry

Michael Neville is an upstanding person and excellent in his field.  I knew that it was important for me to purchase a home for residency, but had no idea how to initiate the home buying process.  He walked me through the entire process.  I was fortunate that Michael was available to help me with a number of issues that arose when l was looking for a home.  For me, it was very comforting to have someone so willing to go these extra-extra steps to ensure that I was not making one of the biggest financial decisions of my life alone or without someone that I could call at 6am on the day I was to close on my condo to be sure I’d asked all the right questions (which I did!) I am so satisfied and happy with my decision to purchase a home and I am glad that I had someone so willing to help me make good connections in a new town, as well as walk me through this process. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Mike’s services.

Dr. L. Bogues

I am a 2008 graduate in the MD program and currently a pediatric resident at Morehouse School of Medicine. I am writing to recommend the services of Michael Neville. Recently I had the pleasure of having him as my realtor. He was very professional and proved to be a great asset during my home buying experience. I believe that if I had been working with anyone else, I would not have had such great results. He went beyond the call of duty, was very accessible, and displayed great problem-solving skills throughout everything. I actually went out of the country for over a week during the process. While I was gone, he continued to work for my benefit and kept me updated on all events, even when it was hard to get into contact with me.


I would recommend Michael Neville's services to anyone without any reservations because of the great job that he did for me during my home buying process. He is well versed in the various aspects of real estate and should prove to be an asset for anyone that works with him.

Odini G. Nwakuche

Michael Neville is not just interested in selling you a house (or helping you buy one), he takes customer satisfaction to its highest notch.  Integerity comes to mind when I think of Neville. 

Odini G. Nwakuche
Emory Law School
Juris Doctor 2007

Anna Mackowiak and Nick Hiltgen

We went through two other real estate agents before we found Michael.  He worked with us and didn't try to push us into a home we didn't want or couldn't afford.  In almost no time at all we found the perfect house for us at a price that we could afford.  You always hear about how stressful your first home buying experience can be--not so with Michael.  The entire process was easy and we felt like Michael was there for us every step of the way.  We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Kelly M.

Mike significantly exceeded my expectations as a real estate agent.   During our initial conversations he took the time to understand my needs and desires and those qualities most important to me in a home. He educated me on the home buying process as a whole, so I was immediately comfortable that he would help me find the “right” house. As we continued to work together, he kept me well-informed of all issues as they emerged and offered advice for any decisions I needed to make. He ensured that I was aware of all obstacles that could potentially arise, and when we did encounter some of these challenges, Mike seemed to handle all with ease. He also effectively facilitated communications with all involved parties to ensure everything was on track for a timely closing. Although I was a first-time homebuyer, I was confident throughout the entire process knowing Mike would take care of things for me. I know I will utilize Mike’s expertise in the future and would recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a new home. Thanks for everything Mike!!

Robyn F.

Mike Neville is so thorough and diligent, he acts as if the house is his very own.  He cares about his clients and the successful outcome of their project. Every detail is handled with the utmost care and expediency.

Shyam K.

Mike is organized, professional, extremely hard working and willing to do whatever it takes to get you in a home.  He views putting his clients into a home as a personal AND professional responsibility.

Kathy R.

I thought you were a great realtor, you were very straight forward, informative, and respected my questions.  I say if someone wants a guy on their side to find a place, Mike Neville is it.